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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. gearing up for a presidential visit. we take a look at president obama's schedule for his high- tech stop in the bay area tomorrow. also, a bay area school employee gunned down on an oakland street. tonight, why police think the mother of two got caught in the crossfire of a driveby shooting. but first, taking on alleged police misconduct. kron4 has details from a meeting tonight where dozens of people spoke out against what they call police harassment. some of the alleged harassment by san francisco police was caught on tape. those videos have stirred up a lot of controversy and tonight, public defender jeff adachi
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joined dozens of people and passed out flyers calling for people to come forward. these are the videos discussed tonight. they show officers entering rooms at residential hotels. adachi says the officers did so without warrants, or consent. officers say they were just conducting drug busts. but adachi says the videos prove that the officers are not telling the truth. >> this is very serious. this is a situation involving perjury, police officers filling out false police reports and what should raise a red flag for residents in the single residents occupancy rooms and hotels is that the police have a practice of using master keys without a warrant to gain entry into people's apartments. >> he says he has received hundreds of complaints about police harassment of people who live in apartment buildings. kron4 was at this open
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community forum tonight. she told us some of their stories. >> what happened to me five years ago was a tragedy. i was sitting in my room, getting ready to go to the grocery market and i was looking in the face of 12 guns, and they took me out of my room, had me in the illegal detainment for it half an hour because i fit the description of a robbery suspect and as a result, i was traumatized. >> reporter: marlon crump works as a reporter. he contacted public defender jeff adachi after he was arrested, an arrest that he and adachi are both calling a mistake. now, they are speaking out with others who who say they're also victims of police misconduct. >> my concern was that how did they get into the hotel when there was no previous act established? the desk clerk just let them in. i've been hearing these stories for it many years. the police saying oh, the person agreed or consented to let us into the apartment. >> they've had many cases out
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there of people being brutalized in the hotels. they're also afraid to speak up because of retaliation or scrutiny. so hopefully, this event will give them empowerment to carry that same form of tenacity. because it's frightening when someone can come through your door unannounced, especially when they pull guns on you, not knowing where you're going to live or die. >> in san francisco, nickle shathat felt, kron4 news. >> jeff adachi says he's working on a law to ban police officers from using master keys to enter apartments and hotel rooms without a search warrant. new tonight at 11:00, a gilroy man is in custody tonight facing charges of attempted murder of a police officer. police say theyive ared a call this morning, a roommate reported he was distraught and waving around a handgun. officers arrived at the home and tried to talk to him. that's when they say he walked out and fired two shots. no one was injured. officers did not return fire.
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police say that he eventually surrendered. a deadly driveby shooting in oakland has left police looking for answers in the death of a woman they call an innocent bystander. she was killed last night. kron4's jonathan bloom went back to the scene of where all of this happened and spoke with her emotional family. >> i am in shock so so i just can't tell you how i feel. >> reporter: a growing collection of candles and balloons marks the spot where 33-year-old burton was fatally wounded in a driveby shooting, her two children are left without a mother and her family is left with only this explanation from police. >> they got caught in the crossfire. >> they were shooting at somebody else. >> yes,ez. >> reporter: her grandmother, who raised her since the time she was 8 years old is heart- broken. >> my granddaughter was my friend and everything to me. she took care of me and also took care of her grandfather,
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who was paralyzed for seven years. >> reporter: in fact, taking care of people was the thing she enjoyed the most. she was a provider and an advocate for the senior citizens and for the students she served at the elementary school, she was the salad bar lady. >> she was always trying to talk to kids and trying to get them to turn their lives around. >> reporter: now, her grandmother says she hopes many lives will turn around before this happens to someone else. >> the community needs to get together and do something about all this violence, and senseless violence, taking innocent people's lives. it's something needs to be done. >> reporter: but nothing will bring her back to the grieving family and to the two children she leaves behind. >> whoever it is took my granddaughter's life, i wish they would think about about what a beautiful person they took away from this world. >> police have made no arrest in the killing. so far, they have not released
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a description of the suspect or the vehicle that was involved in the shooting. jonathan bloom, kron4 news. the bay area is gearing up for a presidential visit tomorrow. president obama will make several stops. he will lead a fundraising effort. before he heads to san francisco, though, he will hold a town hall meeting that will stream live on the web from facebook's headquarters. we hear how you can ask the president questions. >> hi, everybody. i just wanted to take a minute to invite you to a town hall meeting on the economy that i'm holding at facebook's headquarters this wednesday, april 20th. >> reporter: we really have a high-tech president. he invites everyone in the country to the meeting by posting a video on youtube. >> i hope you'll take a break from friending or defriending each other to rsvp. >> reporter: the topic is the economy. he will discuss his vision for
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bringing down our deficit. through the white house's facebook page, anyone can post questions for this town hall. obama's campaigning for the next election and what better way to do it than through facebook? everyone is on facebook, and his effective use of social networking was that helped him to get elected in the first place. by why actually it is come here? with satellite linkups and the internet, he could have done this live stream from the white house. analyst i see talked to said the reason he is physically coming here is to gladhand with the organization, the company and people behind the world's most popular website. facebook is so powerful, if he can get zuckerberg and the facebook organization behind him for the upcoming election, that would be huge for him. he can use the website has a powerful campaigning tool. >> zuckerberg represents a relatively young demographic, a demographic that came out strongly for him in the last election. >> reporter: for a direct link
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to where you can post a question for president obama's virtual town hall and a link where you can watch it, log onto and look for our news links section. >> also on his visit to the bay area tomorrow, president obama will be spending some time with a group of children from the san francisco boys and girls club. the kids will have the opportunity to meet the president during the event and they are excited. >> i'm excited. i didn't know i was going to be able to meet him, though. i was like oh, i have to go see the president speak and they said we're going to meet him and i got shocked for a minute. >> i'm excited because i get to see the first african-american president tomorrow. >> -term will be pretty exciting. >> obama, i heard that he likes to play sports like me. >> well, we're going to see obama talk about his re- election like his speech, it's going to be cool. >> approximately 35 teenagers
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were selected. be sure to tune into kron4 news tomorrow for full coverage of the president's bay area visit. well, we certainly saw quite a few cloud streaming in today but temperatures were still warmer than yesterday by several degrees in a number of spots. we hit the low 70s, and low 70s down in the south bay. closer to the coastline, much cool, temperatures 59 degrees. temperatures were up quite a bit over yesterday's readings as i just mentioned in places like our valleys, up six to 9 degrees, a few degrees warmer also in the north bay, except for santa rosa and 5 degrees warmer in san jose. temperatures are definitely on the mild side, in the 50s to even the low 60s in antioch right now, the cloud cover streaming in right now. part of this storm that's sitting offshore, you can see the cloud associated with it heading right toward the bay area. we'll talk more about this and time it utown futurecast coming up in a bit. we'll be right back. we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast.
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yeah ! all right ! it's america's fastest and largest high-speed wireless network-- verizon. built so you can rule the air. tonight's headlines, former governor arnold schwarzenegger
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has admitted helping former assembly speaker nunez when he commuted the sentence of esteban. he pleaded guilty to the 2008 killing of a san diego college student. nato commanders admit there is not much they can do to stop the shelling of misrata by the libyan forces loyal to muammar qaddafi. meantime, thebrush are sending in military officers to advise the unorganized rebels and europe is considering an armed force to make sure humanitarian aid gets through. muammar qaddafi warns that would amount to a military operation. a plane carrying michelle obama aborted its landing yesterday. air traffic controller error allowed her plane to come too close to a military cargo plane. they were within 3 miles of each other but a minman separation of 5 miles is required for safety reasons. we'll be right back.
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now, a look at other big stories covered by our kron4 news crews. >> here at the golden gate bridge, a family won't soon forget what happened to them on sunday when they helped rescue a 16-year-old girl who jumped from the golden gate bridge and survived. >> i looked up and i was looking at it, and then i saw this splash. >> we heard her moaning and i think we all just started kicking into high gear. >> we're glad that she's okay. >> the happiest part of it is that fact that she survived. >> dan customerren, kron4 news. governor jerry brown has negotiated a contract with a union that could prove costly to taxpayers. it removes the cap, and now lets prison guards take unlimited vacation time that must be paid out when they retire. the cap was lifted because the state can't adequately staff its prisons if it gives their guards all its time off.
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last year, $100 million was paid out in unused vacation time to prison guards. kate thompson. >> the city is moving ahead with plans to outsource its fire department in an effort to save money. doing so could save the city as much as 1 to $2 million annually. right now, the city council is considering four proposals for doing just that. action is expected by the end of april and the new department could be up and running by october. in san carlos, kron4 news. in another big story, there are long lines at this mcdonalds in bay shore as eager job-seekers showed up in hopes of trying to get a position. it was all part of a one-day hiring event, sponsored by mcdonalds throughout the country. in total, the chain plans to hire 50,000 new employees. in san francisco, theresa stoffield, kron4 news. clouds are rolling in right now as the storm approaches. here's a look at tomorrow at
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glance. cloudy skies will keep our temperatures mild overnight so temperatures will mainly be in the low 50s. into the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies stick with us. light rain starting in the later afternoon hours and temperatures staying much cooler than what we saw out there today. here's a look at satellite and radar, the storm churning offshore, the cloud band associated with it moving towards northern california. this is going to push in again into tomorrow. futurecast doesn't show the rain starting until later in the evening but it could start sooner. we'll talk about that in a moment. first, let's look at temperatures, 58 in san rafael, tomorrow 59 in richmond, low 60s for the delta, mid-60s for our inland valleys, 55 in half moon bay. let's take a look at futurecast. doesn't put the rain in until 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night and our computer model is showing it in much earlier than that. keep the umbrella handy tomorrow, light drizzle a possibility throughout the day, but especially overnight into thursday morning.
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could affect your commute. just light rain throughout the bay area continuing into the later morning hours but it will be drier into the afternoon a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, cloudy and cool out there tomorrow. showers could start a lot earlier than what futurecast is showing so i would keep the umbrella with you throughout the day and be ready for it. into thursday morning, continuing showers but drying out into thursday afternoon, warming up into friday before we cool right back down. we're going to be on this rollercoaster ride, another chance of rain in the forecast on saturday. the giants take on the rockies while the as battle the red sox. we have highlights of both games straight ahead. and the playoff hockey game you have to see to believe as the sharks battle from four goals down against the kings. all the sports next. ♪ [ alarm buzzing ] another victim of frequent flyer red tape. [ tires screech ] seat restrictions got him stuck in a vicious circle.
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ san jose sharks have been beaten so badly tonight, if they should have thrown in the
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towel but then the unthinkable happened, greatest postseason come bacin franchise history. we're at the staples center. two minutes into the game, before you can get settled, willie mitchell, it's 1-0. 13 seconds later, it's kyle clifford, 2-0. they would lead 4-0 in the 2nd period. niitymaki replaces niemi, and then the sharks go to work. patrick marleau scores, ryane clowe scores, makes it 4-2. logan couture scores, makes it 4-3. later it's 5-4, kings -- >> an unbelievable come bac, they trailed 4-0 and now it's 5- 5! >> yep. the sharks come back and tie it up at 5. 3:09 into overtime. marleau to devin setoguchi, and that's the game!
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6-5 sharks win it, an unbelievable victory. let's hear from the hero. >> never give up. you know, it was -- it was a great game. we're still -- i don't even know what to feel. words cannot describe a 4-0 come bac. everyone on our team pulled it together and, you know, we'll remember this game for a while. >> first time in 26 years a team had blown a 4-0 lead in a playoff game. wow. giants business. in two games, they took a team with the league's best record and tore them apart. downtown denver we go. giants, rockies. jimenez just off the dl and he gives up a three-run bomb to sandoval, his fifth of the year. it is 4-0 so the giants for the second straight night, they jump on rockies pitching. in the 3rd, rowand gets nailed in the right forearm, leaves
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the game. kind of timely, that cody ross will be in the outfield tomorrow. in the 7th, aubrey huff, got all of it. a two-run jack to right, his second of the season. and that's your game, with 6-1 at that point, 6-3 the final. jonathan sanchez goes to 2-1 for the year. the as pitch -- that pitching is just flatout scary good. they kept the red sox winless away from fenway park tonight at the coliseum. yep, the red sox nation was around, but so was bret anderson. striking out, throw them out, both winners are out on the double play. that was key. anderson eight innings, eight strikeouts. derrick barton singles to shallow center, that's some insurance for you. that made it 2-0. three batters later, hideki matsui almost hits it out, hits the top of the wall in right.
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that brings home two more runs, a four-run 8th in, the as improve to 9-8 for the year, they win it 5-0 on top of the red sox. wow. by the way, brett anderson, his e.r.a. lowered to 1.63. nba playoffs, three games tonight, the big one on the board, nick and the celtics, mar amar'e missed the second half with back spasms, but it was the carmelo anthony show, 42 points, and six assists, 'melo gave the knicks a lead on the jumper here. spike lee at the garden loves it. but he wasn't loving this towards the finish. garnett, back them down, go ahead and score. 12 points, 10 rebounds for kevin garnett and the celtics win game 296-93. they lead that series two games to nothing. two more scores include orlando taking care of atlanta 88-82,
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dallas turns back portland 101- 89, they lead that series two games to nothing. good night, everybody. ] ♪ [ guitar: power chord ] ♪ [ hard rock ] [ snarls ] ♪ [ continues ] [ thunderclaps ] [ announcer ] the van beckons like no van before. the technology-packed, all-new honda odyssey.
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